Joelle Zazz (she/they/theirs) is a teaching artist, actor, model, and stage combatant from New Jersey, with a BFA in Theatre Performance and a BA in Mathematics (Kean University). She made her professional actor debut at age 17, and has several other areas of expertise, such as singing, dancing, and a second degree black belt in mixed martial arts, emphasis in MMA fighting, Tae Kwon Do. Joelle is also a skilled actor-combatant with proficiency in rapier, broad sword, and unarmed combat, and has assisted fight choreographer/teacher Doug West in combat classes for apprentices at the Shakespeare Theatre of NJ and has assistant directed for their 2018 mainstage season, in addition to being a company member. In 2019, she became a fight captain for Centenary Stage's Beauty and the Beast, and is a teaching artist for Premiere Stages, Phoenix Productions (where she also directed), and the Shakespeare Theatre of NJ. Joelle was after recruited for tri-state area based fight choreography/Shakespeare training group "Cause and Fx" as a fight choreographer and captain, and Joelle teaches fight classes in between contracts.

When not acting, Joelle can also be seen in the theatre working wigs professionally as a runner or "Wig Supervisor". Their hobbies, however, include anime, working out/running, and fast cars--of which, Joelle has one--and upgrading cars for speed. 

*Record scratch*

That's me. I bet you are wondering

how I ended up here.

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2010 - present
2010 - present

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