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Joelle Zazz is a teaching artist, actor, model, and stage combatant from New Jersey, with a BFA in Theatre Performance and a BA in Mathematics (Calculus focus, Kean University).


They made their professional stage debut at age 17, at Premiere Stages, in "Great Kills" by Kate Cortesi, and have been working in various capacities in professional theatre ever since.


They also have a second degree black belt in mixed martial arts--a mixture of ten years of MMA fighting, Tae Kwon Do, and weapon work. 

In addition to real fighting, Joelle is a skilled actor-combatant for the stage with proficiency in rapier, dagger, broadsword, unarmed combat, and more: having been fight captain for a number of professional shows, including The Lightning Thief TYA musical tour (creating all the bostaff sequences used onstage).


They got their start in stage weaponry as a company member of the Shakespeare Theatre of NJ, where they were then asked to assist fight choreographer/teacher Doug West in combat classes for apprentices at the Shakespeare Theatre of NJ. From there, Joelle went on to assistant direct for their 2018 mainstage season, outdoor stage production The Servant of Two Masters. Joelle was after recruited for tri-state area based fight choreography/Shakespeare training group "Cause and Fx" as a fight choreographer and captain, and Joelle teaches fight classes to productions and schools in between contracts. Joelle has also written several full-length plays, which have garnered various accreditations. 

Joelle is also a trained dancer and singer, and their roots are Italian, Croatian, and Sephardic Jewish (North African/Middle Eastern).

When not acting, as a day job, Joelle can also be seen, still in the theatre, working wigs professionally as a runner or Wig Supervisor for theatres such as Two River Theatre, McCarter Theatre Center, George Street Playhouse, and more. They've worked on shows for such famous Broadway wig designers as Tommy Kurzman, Chuck La Pointe, Tom Watson, and more. Joelle's hobbies, however, include anime, working out/running (die-hard Jersey GTL life), and fast cars--of which, Joelle has one.

Joelle is represented by The Luedkte Agency. 

2010 - present
2010 - present
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